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I am a hard working Communication Design (B.A.) graduate.  I am able to think conceptually, do research, design logos, and apply a brand across multiple media, while keeping their strategy in mind.  I don't cut corners and I have a knack for making unique color decisions and utilizing my point of view.  I am both Mac and PC proficient. I have use and knowledge of QuarkXPress, Photoshop, Microsoft Office (Word/Excel/PowerPoint), Illustrator, Acrobat Reader, ImageReady, DreamWeaver, Graphic Converter, Flash, and InDesign. I also take free classes/workshops at Noble Desktop and the Apple Store (Soho) on Final Cut Pro, Keynote and any other programs I am not as familiar with. I do this, and regularly attend events hosted by the AIGA and Art Directors Club.


On a more personal note, my being first-generation-American and growing up in New York City, has left me with the capacity to work with people from a multitude of backgrounds and the ability to look cross-culturally for inspiration. In the past, I've worked 5 years in fast-paced retail environments located here New York City. It is there that I directly observed consumer spending; in-store and at the Industry [212] fashion convention. I credit this experience for helping me develop "soft sale" techniques. Previous to that, I worked in both my junior high School and vocational high school libraries. This has imparted a never-ending thirst for knowledge, a love of books/research, and given me organizational skills as well. 


I am looking to gain more experience working hands-on with brands. I'm hoping to find a company I can grow with and eventually use the leadership skills I possess. I look forward to hearing from you.