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“I have had the chance to work with Grace for about two years. We both worked as College Assistants at the New York City College of Technology. During the time I've know her, I have gotten an insight into her creative abilities and can say that she is definitely innovative, multitalented and knowledgeable. Grace is always seeking design inspiration through books, internet, and networking. Her work is innovative and playful -- she has a passion with pattern design. Her patterns are always fresh and very well designed. I would highly recommend Grace as a Graphic Designer. She would be a great asset to any company.”

-SUJANE GORDIAN, Graphic Designer



“Grace was among the top 5% of my students. She is very talented, and always follows through on her work. She was the second runner up in a design competition sponsored by The American Cancer Society, and judged by representatives of Ogilvy and Co. I would highly recommend Grace for any position she may try out for.”

-ANTHONY ACCARDO, Illustrator and Adjunct Professor at NYCCT



"During her time at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, Grace has risen above the regular duties of a Volunteer Curator and has taken it upon herself to use her graphic design and marketing skills to help MoCCA. She is helpful, able to solve problems, and tweets too. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative"

-ELLEN S. ABRAMOWITZ, Chairman/President at the Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art - MoCCA



"Grace is very dedicated in everything she does. She has great ideas and is passionate about sharing them and making a difference in the world."

-MINDY STEFFEN, Cartoonist



 "Grace is one of the most motivated workers I had met during my time at MoCCA. She is hardworking and is willing to put as much effort as possible into something to make sure it is done right. She is constantly coming up with new and creative ways to help advertise the museum around New York City. I would definitely want Grace as a colleague again in the future."




"Grace was a great addition to my class: she took risks creatively and pushed herself technically. It also helped that she's a very nice person on top of all of that." 

-LIBBY CLARKE, Web Designer and Adjunct Professor at NYCCT



“I have worked on projects with Grace at Citytech and she has always left me in awe with her creative ideas and her ability to bring the ideas into fruition. My most profound recollection is how Grace astonished our Senior Class 2010, with her Senior Project. Her design ideas and executions were amazing.”

-CLIFTON MUHAMMAD, Typesetting Specialist